May. 20th, 2013

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thinking about how other people are reacting to me, and want ME to act...

the biggest state of confusion come with other people getting upset when i don't turn my head.. they always seem to take it as a sign that something is suddenly wrong...

"Julie, what happened to your eyes?" asked while i am listening to an entire table of conversations, the room filled in front of me & a bar behind me that was mostly empty, i somehow here that empty space... but listening of course with no interest in turning my head...

"Julie, are you okay??" i was sitting & thinking amused about nonsense, but just so happen to be turning my head a little down so i must be "depressed"...

"Watch! Watch!" points his arm to the screen, i thought about arguing with him "i can see blobs of color, but it doesn't matter if i turn around AT the screen or not"... but he's excited so i turn...

"i thought you can see" thinking i could see the details below my feet as i walked in & out of the buildings with no problem, i only walk in very straight lines (sidewalks lead me where i'm going)... hallways are VERY clear & easy to walk, & you can hear when the Empty is opened up to the side so you stop walking until sure no one else is coming...

"are you listening to me?" ... i am changing my ear-focus from one person to the next, even though i don't turn my head away from one person & onto the next person...

i think sunglasses would be a reminder & a sign to others, more than anything... i'll look like John Lennon ;)

like, peace!


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