May. 2nd, 2013

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ever since the operation, but it has improved MUCHLY.. at first seeing (for example) the mug sitting in front of me, 2 feet to the left & (at an angle and) 2 feet to the sky, but i could SEE what a lovely mug it was, no complaints.....

i hid it from my doctors, afraid they would keep me longer, told them i needed people to help me stand over the toilet because of my dizzy spells... until i got a handle of things, & was lucky enough (BARUCH HASHEM!) to get this double-vision turned off when looking straight & side to side, & up (so much practise from lying in bed!).... that's when i confessed how difficult it was to see & was given some hope that as the swelling goes down & my brain heals, i could very well increase my power of sight, so lets just say i got fingers crossed! ;)

how do i live with it now? i'm finding tricks, for instance counting steps forward & walking in straight lines before i turn, i "see" with my mind (seeing the tea bags or seeing the sandwich i'm making, etc) this way i see just what i hold RIGHT where they are & not 2 feet off in la-la land...

when Tony's talking to me i found myself looking off, its just easier than being able to see him as he sits to my right (i have to face the back of the couch!) just easier....

with reading, I CAN STILL READ :D but yes i have to make fonts *much* bigger, and have to guess at many words (i ordered magnifying glass!)... i have to hold my hand at the end of the sentence so the half-blind eye doesn't trick me, only giving me HALF the sentence hahaha ;)

this is all, nothing really to complain about.. just had to find the right "tricks", and if need be i'll get glasses at the end of waiting it out (the surgeon has me waiting 6 months) i'll even wear coka-cola bottle glasses if i have to!! ;) if it mean i can read...


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