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this was a very happy surprise!.... go back a bit, a few weeks ago, i was watching a 3rd Rock from the Sun and noticed a tiny little fern plant that sat in a tiny little pot and was a fridge magnet! i saw it on several other episodes since, i thought it was *adorable* and wanted to buy one of my own, so of course here comes Google....

fast forward, i couldn't see an identical of that fridge magnet but i saw a whole bunch of magnets being crafted from these "air plants" ("Tillandsia"s) and were being sold on Etsy, a handful of the magnets made with them were goig for about $15-20....

i went to amazon and found 10 plants being sold by someone, and it was promised that all 10 were different kinds (for collectors) now THAT is what i got most goosey over, and i bought them...

this is their link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010KPESD4?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00

and here is my deluge of fotos! :D

first when i got them I SOAKED THEM!!! a lot of people online had warned me to do that from their past experiences... i soaked them in the britta-filered water (the water is filtered 3x and in our bottle we keep on the counter marked "Green") ;)

then i tied some of them (the bigger ones) to a strip of waste-fabric from dishcloths i wove (3 years ago?), and tied them thru the fabric and around a warp-stick i used for support:

and last but not least, MY FRIDGE MAGNETS!!! :D i made them with corks & magnets i bought from Michaels and a water-proof glue:

they seem to be very happy.. i don't think the plants grow quickly but several of the plants are expanding into the room.... i'll take that as a good sign. ;)

i spritz them with water (have to wipe the fridge afterwards) but am only doing that 2 times a week (so sayeth all of the reading material i've found)

more life i could spread around me kitchen ♥ (Tony has threatened to go on strike if i don't stop. isn't he precious??) ;)

- e. & Co.
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