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have to share a thought regarding Robertson's recent demonstration of idiocy.

it reminds me of when i was on a mailing-list for translators/interpreters when Katrina hit us down in LA....

i remember how i read post after post from folks discussing how Nola got what it had coming, and that it served them all right for being so stupid to live so far below sea-level (and so on).. and they laughed at how greedy Amrika was suffering now (note: it wasn't the "greedy" who were suffering)...

i remember replying to them all with 4-letter-words that would make HaSatan blush head to toe (not very smart of me, but i was in a panic), while i screamed at the computer monitor and plugged ears when yet another chopper flew over me & Aaron's apartment.... (sound of choppers makes me shake really *really* bad)

but it taught me a valuable lesson: humans are STUPID.

if we are not there first-hand to really experience things for ourselves, we tend to be a bit out-of-touch... the farther removed (by miles, or mentally "distancing"), the less we grok.

and among these wannabe-know-it-all polyglots of that mailing-list, with IQs that would make Einstein blush (from head to toe) i found very little sympathy.

so much for thinking that our "brains" will save this world.. i think it will be our "hearts".

- Jules & Co.
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all of them of "suspicious" origin.... number i heard last was "9" of them between 2ish-3ish last night, all of them were put out posthaste, but 2 people died.... i'm really shocked actually...

word is spreading faster than the fires though, and people of NoHo (and elsewhere in the Valley) are banding together and rushing to "be there" for those who were hurt....

i'm not at all shocked to hear that part.

everyone is terrified about what is going to happen when the System finally does go kapput (please G-d, NOW!) and i'll tell you what will happen.... we will be terrified, and devastated, and there will be idiotic-System-worshippers who tear out their hair and gnash their teeth (and probably do a bit of looting and stampeding over the weak/etc.) but once those moronic lemmings go ahead and leap to their death, the rest of us will be able to just shrug it off and go ahead and live our lives, and WHILE doing so, we WILL "be there" and take care of each other.

sorry if you disagree, but that is what i've seen (in random disaster/crises here and there throughout this life) so that is my story, and i'm sticking to it.

- Jules/Zora & Co.

EDIT: http://northamptonmedia.com/
& link to facebook group Friends of Northampton Arson Victims
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being "passionately devoted" to ANTI-religion, means you have a "religion."

got it?


because i'm getting pretty sick of it.

- J.

EDIT: not changing words, but adding emphasis, because i think some people are not seeing each of the words i used here.
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okay, i'm exaggerating.


- Jules & Co.

(thanks [livejournal.com profile] leswamp, for the link)


Jan. 27th, 2009 04:46 am
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(stolen from M.'s LJ)
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baruch dayan ha-emes.

Eartha Kitt is Soul.

complete, utter, pure, unfathomable Soul.

G-d bless her.

- Jules & Co.

(thank you, [livejournal.com profile] insomnia, for the heads-up)
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...... Ha-Motzi lechem min Ha-Aretz.

"Heritage Wheat Conservancy"

a sampling of some of the seeds available via Growseed.org includes:

Emmer: (T. dicoccon) wheat of Ancient Egypt, the original matzah, and in Biblical Israel. Emmer was found in the Jericho cave where Bar Kokhba rebels hid from the Romans in 135 CE.

Crimean Turkey Red: delicious, winter-hardy hard-red wheat grown, excellent for dark European peasant breads, originally from Crimea on the Black Sea

Hourani Biblical: Spring Durum, discovered in the Masada Fortress by Yigal Yadin, translator of the Dead Sea Scroll, stored 2,000 years ago by King Herod. This is the wheat eaten by ancient Israel. but today is almost extinct. Collected by Nikolai Vavilov in 1926.

(this is a small sample, all the wheats listed there are incredible, take a look at the site)

CONTACT: Elisheva Rogosa growseed@yahoo.com


they are OUT OF STOCK on (i think) all the seeds listed there at the site, because of the high-demand, but if you are drawn to mega-crunchy Tikkun-Olam (as are we) then i recommend getting in touch with Eli from the website and seeing when you can get your hands on some of the seed....

to be able to plant even small patches of these *ancient* grains in a little garden would be--- wow.

- Jules & Co.
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has it always been the case that people who were writers/story-tellers were such fucking pathological liars?

why the hell don't they just go live a life worth telling?

and it makes me wonder when i share my own "stories" here, if anyone reading me just assumes i am just as much a liar as the rest of Them.

in which case i'll suggest 3 things:

1. my in-house life is very much identified as such: if it happens "in here" i tell you so and don't try to hide it in my blogging as "no really, this happened in 3d, honest injun"

2. if you have a hard time believing my life is for real, considering how un-believable it reads, trust me, i feel the same damn way.... but if i put it here as "3d", its being reported as "true", to the best of my abilities.

3. as for you "friends" who want to tell me your fantastic tales, and use the excuse of "oh, but i am a writer, so i can't help but make-believe", know that your stories have been told a million times before... and everything you say to me has as much weight as one of the books i read to the children last night..... that being "entertaining" and maybe at times happy-making, but not something i would ever use as a gauge when planning things to do with you, or "for" you....

tell stories. that's fine.... don't expect me to believe them as anything but "stories"..

so glad we talked.

- me.
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not "people"


Nola will have Blackwater mercenaries on the streets again, to "protect" the Money (post-storm), because it is Money that is vulnerable in these situations, and it could be fondled, or stolen(!), or attacked, or become sick/injured or dehydrated or starve to death.... yes. the MONEY could DIE. (G-d forbid)

these mercenaries who may or may not be US citizens, and who may or may not know what an American's Constitutional Rights are.

they know how to shoot though. you can count on that.

- Jules.

(thanks to [livejournal.com profile] twistedchick for link)

too funny.

Aug. 29th, 2008 09:45 am
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something Michael pointed out to me while we watched Obama's acceptance speech last night....

he turns to me with an amused (and slightly surprised) look on his face:
him: something just hit me!
me: what?
him: Mc + Cain = Son of Cain!.... Cain!... Mr. "am i my brother's keeper?"

so enough of this Obama-is-OSAMA bullshit, i am going to start using the name "Son of Cain" when i hang out with the hasidim and see how they friggin like it! ;-)

- Jules/Z.
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"I have a dream." - Aug. 28th 1963.

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(i was in a mood, had to see this, then had to inflict it upon you all..... the horror)


- Jules.
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Is this a circus?

This is the Chaos.

thank you for being "with" me.

thank you for being...

i'll never forget what you've done.

i'll never forget You.

- Jules/Z. & Co
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why am i asking all this?

because *i* am a curious little fuck (as though you didn't know this by now)...

all comments and results will be "private" to me only, but i *will* post the results (as in percentages, sans all user-ID info) in a separate post...

all comments will be screened and stay that way unless you tell me to make them visible.

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