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some quickie-transcription from your b'loved crunchy-green chick with hypergraphia:

quoting "the Future of Food" (1:28 hours, documentary at link)


NARRATOR: in the past, there were public institutions that supplied the farmers objective analysis of new technologies.

"universities started playing an important role in asking questions about this back then in the 70s... but soon enough it was evident that we did not want to have universities asking questions.... so there was a big influx of money, from industry to support research at universities.... and that lead to research that was favorable to the development of the industry... and publicity that was simply promotional.... of the technologies" - Ignacio Chapela.

(unidentified speaker): "the reality is that, in our ******* university system, and certainly in the US dept. of agriculture... there's a small tolerance for people doing research that directly challenges the conventional wisdom..."

"its ridiculous, the recent work that we done, on the movement of trans-genes in corn, in the ******* of diversification, was run on 2 thousand dollars, compare that to 25 million dollars, coming the other way, in exactly my college, and that is the only piece of work that i know is actually happening" - Ignacio.

(sorry about bleeped-out words there... our hearing is bad and because i was watching this at netflix, in the "watch now" option, i couldn't turn on any captioning - J.)

NARRATOR: the Biotech industry aggressively attacked scientists whose research questioned the safety and impact of genetically modified crops... renowned scientist, Dr. Arpad Pusztai (Ar-pad Push-tai) was suspended 2 days, after discussing his research that raised questions about the depressed immune systems and growth of rats which had been fed genetically modified potatoes...

Cornell University researcher John Losee found that when caterpillars of the monarch butterfly were fed BT (bio-tech) corn pollen in the lab, 40% of them died unexpectedly.. his research was denigrated by the biotech industry...

Nature magazine retracted Ignacio Chapela's paper, after publishing his peer-reviewed work.... biotech enthusiasts challenged the interpretation of his findings....

"biology was a very diverse field of inquiry, but because of the advent of this technology we are seeing a narrowing down, and a trimming off of all those branches of biology.... just to the benefit of this one side.... and i very much want to fight against that... just as we are losing genetic diversity, we are losing intellectual diversity, that we are going to find very very needed in the future...." - Ignacio.
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mind you i've *suspected* this for a while, but i have decided now.

the government is intentionally inefficient in order to scare-off/piss-into-leaving/kill-off any "nusiances".. (read: elderly, disabled, people with "grievances", etc.)

the government decided it could save a lot of money with medicare several ways.. the first way (which is the way their Mother would have *told* them to go) is to GO BACK TO THEIR ROOM AND FUCKING CLEAN IT (get things in order, and working "properly" before they were allowed to go back into the yard and play "war" with the boys across the street)

another way is to shove all the garbage under the bed, shove it into the closet and dresser-drawers... and what they can't shove out of the way, they just THROW OUT... open a big garbage bag, and just fill it to the top with any toys/books/(people) because the gov is a spoiled fucking BRAT and doesn't particularly value *any*thing, or any-one.

guess which way the gov picked?

yeah. so the gov went ahead and said "hm, well, we could clean up medicare and do a proper job of things, or we could just charge the 'garbage' for it, and that way the GARBAGE will just drop dead (because we can't afford the help anymore) or get so fucking PISSED that the GARBAGE will walk off and leave our room on its own 2-feet (or in its wheelchair)... *wipes hands* problem solved.

so i got a notice about a year ago "we are charging you 100 a month now for medicare, so you are going to have to find a way to live on less than 700 a month now... and you're also going to have to start paying a crap-load more for any of those seizure drugs you are so greedy to demand we pay for... pay for it yourself, you fucking gimp... OH, and btw, we are going to take not just this month's money that you *owe* us, but we are going to take it back several months... so just find a way to live on 400 now... you don't *really* need to pay for rent or food for the next month or so, right?.. yeah, that is what i thought"

i just spent a half hour on the fon with medicare... no humans would talk to me...

i tried to get them to send me an "application" to get some help paying with the medicare-premiums.. because first they want me to fill out forms telling them how much i make and have

NEWSFLASH TO FELLOW AMERICANS: the government already *knows* full well how much i MAKE (same goes for you), and how much i *own* (that being fucking zilch), filling out the forms is another step in the mother-may-i game they are playing to make me, Ms. GARBAGE, get frustrated and walk away without demanding help (the *point* of having a gov, is to take care of its citizens.. if you can not *help* us stay alive & well, Uncle Sam, then what good are you! for wreakin' malicious havoc on the earth and foreigners? for SMEARING our family-name as "fellow americans"? in THAT case, don't do us any fucking favors!)....

the first time i called today i sat through the computer for a good 20 mins or so, they said at the end "sorry, we are having a technical problem, call again later"

and the next time they made me sit through the entire monologue again (would not let me skip over and just tell them what i wanted) and then they hung up on me.


went to medicare.gov and searched for help with the "medicare premiums savings" programs, found a couple pdfs (but not forms online as yet) and read the pdf which told me (with lots of pretty charts and graphics) "call medicare"


i feel so strangely peaceful right now... must be the fucking brain tumor.

any time i grapple with the system all it ever does is convince me that i am right to assume there is not much "life" in there anyway... just fuck it.

all my friends who are "good consumers" are fucking miserable.. they are up to their eyeballs in debt, and are pretty unsure day to day if they can keep a roof over their head (and would probably fall to pieces if they couldn't)...

all this kowtowing on my part was because of the seizure-meds costing me so much, and i'll be damned if i go grey just to save a couple fucking pennies on it all...

Uncle Sam? you won for now... but i think you have made a horrible mistake.

our Mother is coming back upstairs to check your "room"... and She KNOWS what you've done... She will look under your bed, and in your closet, and at the drek you've tossed out the window (that fell onto Her rose bushes)...

and She is going to whoop. your. ass. good.

don't say i didn't warn ya.

i can hear Her... ... it sounds like the Ocean.

like a tsunami.

- Z.


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