May. 25th, 2013

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i am a good person.

i go to the bathroom, i wash myself, i dress/undress myself, make/cook any meal that i want, do research/type anything i want to (or play mah jong!), i do all of this by myself.

i have anxiety & nightmares, that have been fading over time.. i am very patient, try to relax & meditate when the rush of adrenaline spills over me, i had brain surgery that took my entire right side (leg & arm) i had to retrain it to be able walk & call my arm into use...

my eyesight is anyones guess... the right half of each eye is blind (kinda tricky) & i can't focus anything close to me (i think it is improving, just have to be patient)

and almost all of the day you find me cracking a joke, and wearing a smile... i will comfort you whenever the moment strikes me, if you were nervous (while i was under operation, vomitted forcibly, reached forward to rub your arm "its okay" before i passed out again) or you were cutting the staples from my head and i started to bleed & you were scared (i reached up to brush your arm "shhh, its okay")...

and i smile.

i am not a GREAT person, but *i* am a good person.

anyone who doubts this, can fuck themselves.

thank you.


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